June 30, 2011


This is a quick one as I have been out for some time for yoga so I need to get some work done. It will also be quick as I’m typing very quickly since yoga can have the same effect as speed on you. That never happened before, but now it is and it feels quite awesome.

So very quickly:

a) If you are in need of a manicure, wax or facial, check out Petticoat Parlour in Green Point. I went yesterday and it made me happily miss my yoga class, it was that amazing (and if you haveever been to the J Sisters in New York that ‘amazing’ says something). All the pink in there almost made me start singing Grease songs. That was fun.

b) On the radio they were discussing what you would want to have named after you if it could be anything. A guy said stadium, an okay wish for a guy I guess. A girl said a planet. Stupid I think considering how quickly the title planet can be taken away from you these days. Poor old Pluto. I decided I will have a diamond cut named after me. In case you do not know – they are rare like nothing else. What should it be – the Anycut or AZ cut?

Dear Tiffany’s, I would like my future engagement ring to be pink gold with an anycut 3-carat pink diamond.

Something like that. While waiting for either scenario I bought myself some diamonds on a string and already love them dearly. The only problem –just like their counterpart on a ring, they were not meant for singles. Putting them on usually takes 5 minutes and a chipped nail.
Queen Magpie diamonds on a string.
c) 30 Rock does rock, but I am nothing like Liz Lemon as my awful cousin Janni said.

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