June 15, 2011

Home sweet home.

Everybody in Cape Town agrees that today is a sleeping and staying in bed weather day. Unfortunately the holiday only starts tomorrow, which doesn’t keep me from feeling oddly dreamlike and not quite awake. Apparently I’m not alone. Good to know.
Yesterday on the other hand was glorious sunshine so I can keep my promise and show you pictures of the things that have moved around with me for quite some time. I do agree that some may seem a bit random, but keep in mind – too each their own. I take them with to make myself feel at home and don’t care if it doesn’t make feel anybody else this way.
My Habitat trays, which I got in Cologne (At least I think that’s where they from, I had them for so long, I can’t be sure.), which means they have moved from Cologne to New York, from New York to Bad Hersfeld, from Bad Hersfeld to Cape Town and there from Seapoint to Obz to Oranjezicht to Claremont to Tamboerskloof to Gardens. You get the picture. They are quite well travelled and have brightened many of my kitchens.
Compared to the trays this ashtray is probably even more ancient and can rightly be considered a vintage style icon and a suitable murder weapon. One of my very best and funny enough non-smoking friends, Katrin, gave it to me way back in the day. One of the greatest gifts I ever got and therefore worth paying for the luggage overweight.
My travel book, which I think could technically be considered a coffee table book. Then again usually coffee table books are not meant to be read. I read in this book all the time. Two pages dedicated to each country there is in the world: pictures, map, things to do, best time to go, etc. Condensed to give an overview in the most beautiful and inspiring way possible. I need it to feel home, because it reminds me that I am.

If you want to see something really random, look at my Pretty Useless Post. The little enamel blobs have also been with me for the past few years and they really have no good reason to stuff up my suitcase, except that I like having them around.

I guess, if I ever do get stuck on a deserted island and these are the things I have decided to take with me:

a) I will not get bored as I can play Frisbee with my trays.
b) I won’t be hungry as I can beat a coconut open with my ashtray.*
c) I can try to identify with the help of my book where I got stranded.
d) I can make an SOS out of blobs in the sand.

I’ll take my chances I say.

*This may actually not be true as I once saw a huge tortoise with a hole in her shell from a coconut that fell on her. In the fight coconut against tortoise, coconut won and I’m not sure where the ashtray will be on the hardest things in the world scale. I may have to club fishes over the head instead.

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