June 16, 2011

Holiday hello.

I spent approximately 8 hours of the last 24 hours at the studio. So, yes, so far the challenge is working and to no one's suprise I have liquidized my body and also my brain a bit more than usual in the beautiful heat. Therefore 3 glasses of red last night are still circulating wildly in my body and asking for pasta to settle the dispute, which of course - you know my me, I'm not unkind - it will get. What happened you ask...well there was a man, a funny ugly dog and two puzzle pieces, which I have yet to figure out what they mean. The puzzle pieces that is. More tomorrow as I need to go back napping, there was something very interesting in my dreams going on a la James Bond last time, so I want to try and bring it back.

Flip, that wasn't James Bond. That was my ex. Not sure if that makes me happy or upset now.

P.S. And to demonstrate really how useless I am today, I just published this post on my Dad's birthday blog. Nice story for my Dad about his daughter getting drunk. Super.

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