June 27, 2011

Post-weekend weekend blues.

My weekend was moderate to say the best. In fact it was pretty crappy. Or to not sound too ungrateful, I should say the crappy parts overshadowed everything else as I was in a funny mood.
Friday I went to the ‘new’ Buena Vista with some new friends and though I know that is my own fault I got very hooked on the fact that they ran out of wineglasses (how does that even happen??) and when the very clueless waitress organized cognac glasses we had to return them as I actually refused to drink out of glasses that dirty. I also don’t take kindly to managers who want to tell us that a Burrito is basically the same thing as a Quesadilla and therefore we shouldn’t make a fuss when one isn’t served anymore. It was my friend not me who made the fuss, I actually don’t like Burritos so was happy with the Quesadilla to begin was, but on behalf of Gladys everywhere I didn’t like the concept of throwing all Latin food in one pot together.
Coming home 22h30 to get a sensible early night I was greeted by blasting music from the upstairs neighbours with the bad music taste.
The next morning started accordingly and I had a hard time not falling asleep while teaching.
In the afternoon I went to see my cousin who was here from Germany for one more day and I wasn’t too keen on leaving early in the evening. I did though as I had an infamous blind date. What a disaster. The guy didn’t pitch. I even approached a 20 year old, just to be sure that he wasn’t my date as he was the only one lolling around the bar area by himself. I went home after a lonely glass of wine and a text message to the dude saying something like ‘thanks for nothing, love.’ After the last guy who stood me up, told me that his grandfather had died after my enraged tirade, I’m really trying to give people the benefit of the doubt. No doubt here though, as I have yet to hear from him again. The worst part wasn’t that I didn’t get to meet the potential future father of my children, but that I left my family early to even attempt. Told you I was a bad single...
To top that all off I am having more weird dreams than usual at the moments. So weird my dreams would be R ratings for violence and suspense left, right and centre if they were movies. The exception was Friday night when I dreamed the Frenchman told me that he was in love with me and Saturday when he wanted to take me for a day trip to New York. I’m telling you I don’t know which one was worse waking up from – probably the New York one; I would have obviously seen my friends there if he had taken me for a trip.

I was chatting to my cousin just now that it can be summed up as follows: it’s only Monday and I’m already feeling fragile and I didn’t even drink last night. Maybe that was a mistake.

P.S. Two good things did happen: I spent lots of money on Saturday, made great by the fact that it was for presents therefore guilt-free. I went to a Skinny La Minx sale and only now realized that I can’t show what I bought as the present recipients read this. Argh.

And it was a really great picture before....
Sunday Bikram was great too– I realized the very silly reason, why I sometimes need to go to other studios, is so I can be best in class and have the teacher give me lots of praise, which I realize is not very yogi-esque at all, but nevertheless true and helpful to my bruised ego.

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