June 13, 2011

Challenge accepted! *

Just a quick Monday morning hello with the proof that I have finished part of my DIY project from last weekend. My own little homemade blackboard in newly spray painted frame:

Ta-Dah! I must say though that blackboard paint is a tricky one and not as easy to write on as a regular blackboard (and we all remember even that wasn’t as easy as the teacher made it look like). Therefore I have moved away from using it as my ‘To Buy’ blackboard, though I’m in desperate need of a better system than writing lists, which I will eventually leave at home anyhow.
No, for the time being I’m using it to keep score for my self-prescribed 30-day yoga challenge, which I’m starting today. Unlike everyone else around me, I can’t use winter weather as an excuse to slack since I will be travelling into the sun soon. (No, silly remarks here – there is lots of sunshine even in Germany in summer.) I also thought it might be good for my knee and general state of mind.

So here I go...30 days and yoga once a day every day. Wish me luck!

*If you know where that quote is from, I will buy you a beer.

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