June 1, 2011

Nerd at heart.

Hello, my name is Annika and I’m a nerd.

a. I love history books and get excited when I come to a house that has the History Channel.
b. I use words like ‘bestest’ as in ‘my bestest friends’, because I think they sound more appropriate than their grammatical correct counterpart.
c. I love Hidden Object computer games.
d. I would get mad at my cat for stealing puzzle pieces, chewing them up and only then return them when I was a teenager.
e. I wrote in a friend’s book that my hobby was cooking. When I was 11!
f. I used to be a big fan of scrap booking and only stopped with the digital revolution – I still don’t like the way digital pictures look when printed.
g. I share a love with my ‘bestest’ friend Marie for macro shots. At least her boyfriend has officially declared that a nerdy thing to do, not sure about the public opinion here.

There is probably more and I don’t even realize it makes me nerd. In general I could be called a nerd in a fashionable disguise, which is why I can get away with it.
You should have seen my excitement though when I came across this 3D model of Escher’s Relativity on my new favourite sites Jeannie Jeannie. I liked it because it looks a bit like Hogwarts. Oh yes, I forgot:

h. I love Harry Potter and was very jealous when I read about a honeymoon to Hogwarts. I want to get married so I can honeymoon at the Harry Potter Theme Park too!!

So this morning in search of inspiration I googled “Paper Hogwarts” – guess what I found? There is another world out there. A world where people make things out of paper – anything that you could possibly imagine. Does that only happen to me? That I think I am onto a cool idea i.e. a Hogwarts made out of paper and a million other people have already done it. It kind of sucks and it’s kind of great, because now I know I’m not the only nerd who will get excited about this:

See the whole project on Papercraft
There I also found the perfect merger between the nerdyness* of papercrafting**and fashion:

It’s  Vivienne Westwood by a guy called Mr. Maze, though I found the resemblance to the Queen of Heart quite striking. Either way – I want more rain so I can stay at home without feeling guilty, be a nerd and cut some paper.

*I made that up too. Spell check was giving me the option of ‘neediness’.
**That I did not make up. That is apparently the appropriate term to make 3D paper models of something.

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