June 17, 2011

California dreaming a la German.

Cape Town is measly at the moment, even when it’s not raining. Or so it seems to me, which is usually a sure sign that I’ve got travel fever. Increased dreams about the Seychelles are another indicator. In my dream we took a boat from the V&A and just nipped over for a day trip. How awesome would that be? I think my dreams are on a roll these days, first James Bond, now secluded island..it’s all coming together nicely in Lalaland.
Though if I’m very honest, all I want to do is finally go on my trip back home. I guess I have a combination of wanderlust and homesickness and it got so bad that I allowed myself to daydream a bit this morning and started a must-do list in my head.

Bad Honnef
· Sit with my mother at her dining table, drink white wine and talk yoga. Great combination especially since I tend to get much more flexible after 2 glasses. I also love the fact that I must have the only mother who allows feet on the table as she tends to do the same. *
· Drink Kölsch at ‘The Island’ beer garden. The best thing that the little town has to offer. Can’t describe, will show pictures after (If I remember to take some...the usual problem with me and the camera.) The Island that is, Kölsch pretty much tastes the same anywhere.
· See all my new nieces and nephews. I think my family has quadruplet yet again in the last year.

· Spend a night on the Kiez and come only home when it’s already light out.
· Bribe Jakob with ‘fussi’ playtime to let me sleep in afterwords, but end up doing early morning yoga with him anyhow.
· Drink lots of ‘Lokole’ (Short for chocolate, which actually stands for something sweet, but means the adult version = champagne) with Xenia and Stephan.

· Attempt to actually get some art and culture in for a change, but probably end up shopping.
· Shopping. I can also put that on the list officially and unashamed on its own.
· Spend a night out on the Berlin equivalent of the the Kiez and come only home when it’s already light out.

Bad Hersfeld
· Festspiele. See a play and dwell in nostalgia about the times I was dressed up like a maid and fought on stage with Katrin.
· Raspberry picking – the only household activity I ever volunteered to do.
· Sitting outside on the terrace with my Dad, having him tell me old stories about my grandparents & co. This time I shall remember to record them.

· One Saturday with Nele.

That’s the plan and I’m sticking to it. Additional ideas obviously welcome as long as they include food, drinks and/or shopping. Obviously combinations of all three get preferential treatment.

For now back to measly Cape Town; will put a smile on now and try to make it a smashing weekend!

*When I told my mother about this, she said I must please make sure to mention that she only puts her feet up in her own house, never in public.


  1. You should take Dubai into your travel list trip even in your dream too :-)

  2. Mh, actually quite happy that I don't have a stop anywhere on my way to Germany and in general not sure how I feel about Dubai as a travel destination. Will spend some thought on it!


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