June 2, 2011


Quickie post as I am browsing at the coolest website there is: http://www.roundtheworldticket.com/. Why? Well, because this morning I woke up and decided I need to take a trip around the world. Approximate route like this:

As you can maybe tell it’s pulling me East and only to places that are generally not considered cold. I don't feel like packing the Marc Jacobs parka. It's huge and the zipper is broken. In general the packing might be a problem for me. Considering that I'm still the remainings of a girl who used to travel with a seperate dufflebag for her shoes. The site recommends to pack everything you think you'll need and then cut it half. Deep breath. Then again they also recommend to go shopping wherever you go. That's a nice idea.
Still no places colder than Cape Town in winter for me. That might be tricky anyhow, as I don't think such a place exists. It's freezing here.
Exception where I would put up with the cold, might be Tibet, Nepal, and Mongolia, but apparently the website doesn't like these countries as they weren’t even listed as an option.

So this will just be first rough route. The website calculated that my planned trip will cost me about $ 11672 maximum in airfares.

How does one find a travel sponsor? And no, I’m not talking about my father or a sugar daddy of any sorts. Any ideas?

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  1. Girl my dream is to never ever experience winter. In an ideal world I would own homes in both hemispheres, travelling back and forth to escape Winter.


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