June 3, 2011

Before & after.

Sorry no pictures of me in a bikini before and after summer. Instead I will just tell you all my plans for the weekend and on Monday we will see what I actually did. So let’s see what is on the agenda...

First is spa appointment after work today. The only reason that may not happen, is if I decide I should rather spend the money on more wine than to be tortured. After that I it is class, home, more House and more delicious Woolie’s chicken balls (Balls formed out of minced chicken, people!). Then sleep. Feel I need to catch up; self inflicted deadlines gave me bad dreams last night.
Tomorrow will obviously bring more yoga and the delight of going to the toy store and buying pink things with glitter and little dogs that come in pink bags and all the things, I always wanted when I was little and couldn’t afford. Now that I make my own money, I guess, I could, but people would think me weird. So Genie’s birthday is the perfect opportunity. I volunteered to help at her party on Sunday as we are going rock climbing at Cityrock. Not sure if my knee will be up for it yet, but my shoes and harness are begging to come out and play. That came out very wrong.
Other than that I have firmly planned to finish my DIY project, watch Hangover II and take glorious pictures of all that is happening.

And in case you miss it – Pastaholic also has plans. I shall call it:

Pastaholic’s weekend: Happy days in Cape Town.

I was promised to be cooked pasta for this weekend. Unfortunately I have the sneaking suspicion that it won’t happen; a girl has a six sense for these kinds of things. So to have a good back up plan, I decided to treat myself with this recipe:


Theka’s friend who recently had a baby got it all the first time around and I got nothing. No fair. So now I have to do it myself or quickly have a baby. The latter would at least require a date first, but if I was getting one, I wouldn’t be required to make pasta myself, so therefore it seems a catch 22. Either way pastaholic shall have pasta this weekend and be happy for it.

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