July 1, 2011

My criminal youth.

Back when I was little I had a Setzkasten above my bed. In case you don’t know what that is, this is what I got from my favourite online dictionary: case, jig, letter case, pan, seedling tray, settling tank, or type case. Neither seems to fit quite right. If you were to translate it one to one, it would literally be a sitting case or box. Probably because stuff, which can’t find a home elsewhere, sits in it and collects dust and becomes a general nightmare for maids or mothers to clean.

Today I found a new website called Ferm Living Shop, which got me wallpapering my entire flat in my mind within a minute of browsing. In fact I have already moved to a 12 room mansion, just so I have enough space for everything they sell plus of course the rich husband, who owns the mansion and can buy be all of their stuff.

Yes, that was little day dream number 1 today.

Then I found this on the site:

They call it The Dorm. Love! It reminded me of mine back then and all the treasures I put in it for display. For anyone growing up in Germany – remember the time when they had Maya the Bee collectables in the Kinder surprise eggs. Their slogan was that in every 7th egg you would found a special surprise: there was mini Smurfs, Happy Hippos, and at some point Maya and her friends. I had about 3 figures from that series and was set on getting them all. So when my mother sent me off grocery shopping, I happily obliged and used the chance to buy myself another egg. Since it was my mother and not a job which would require slips for any spent amount of money, I did get away with spending 1 DM for my treat without her knowing. A treat it was, I did get a new figure for my Maya collection. Happy end it could have been was it not for my mother’s sharp eye that immediately spotted the new addition in my case when she tucked me into bed one night. She even congratulated me on having been so lucky. Me? I felt so bad for taking the money and NOT even getting caught, that I burst out in tears and confessed everything.

I’m not only a bad liar; I’m pretty much a saint.


  1. Hahaha, Nice story:-D
    I was a fat kid, so I was always caught shoving something in my mouth. Eventually I would eat in my cupboards but my mother knew, I mean where did I leave the sweet wrappers... in the cupboard. hehehe

  2. Okay, so we were both bad criminals. I just broke under pressure and confessed and you left your evidence out in the open. We would have made a good little Bonnie & Clyde :)


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