June 29, 2011

Mexican Cooking 101.

I’m not going to dwell on the fact that I was right in the argument with the Buena Vista manager on whether Burritos are the same thing as Quesadillas. But I did of course have to ask Gladys to make sure if I’m right and get all my facts in order. In fact I’m not even posting that to prove I’m right, but because her reply just really made me laugh and I thought I could share this on this dreadful rainy morning.

Here is what she wrote when I asked her for the exact differences:

“There's a huge difference! Quesadilla is just a tortilla with melted cheese. You can fancy it up with chicken or meat or some sort of filling, but the tortilla is folded flat. A Burrito or as Deniz calls them Brutto is filled w/ meat, beans, rice and any other stuff you'd like to add then rolled like a crepe. Anyway that guy was an idiot. Tell him even a Chimichanga is closer to a Quesadilla than a Burrito at least that has melted cheese.”

Two side notes: our good friend Deniz could never remember the name, so yes, she named Burritos Brutto and it kind of stuck. A Chimichanga is basically a deep-fried Burrito, but I already told Gladys that the guy wouldn’t have known that if he didn’t even know the aforementioned difference of Burrito and Quesadilla.

Again I’m really not telling you all this to gloat, but as a pretext to share this picture she also sent:
Titled: Kitten Burrito in Spinach Tortilla*
No, that is not little Julian. Gladys would have not survived manhandling him like that. Though he does look like he had been stuck in a Tortilla for too long when he stood model for this one:

By Rez.
*She actually titled it Kitty Burrito, so I got very excited as I was hoping for a Hello Kitty Burrito, whatever that may look like.


  1. Love love love it!!!! I want kitten burrito too!

  2. You bring the kittens, I will bring the tortillas and the Corona!


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