June 23, 2011

Gone fishing.

The problem when you live across the street from work is the following: you almost feel like you are working from home, yet you still have to keep up a modicum of professional appearance. That includes brushing teeth in the morning and putting on at least sweatpants instead of PJs. This morning I decided things needed to change and I needed a muffin. So I actually put on clothes, make-up, contact lenses and literally let my hair down. For those who don’t me – letting my hair down is a big deal as I tend to look like a 80s rock star who has spent too many hours combing and puffing. My hair is naturally unruly. People love it, I just find it annoying. I’m not fishing for compliments here as my mother would call it, I really just don’t like it. The gale force winds on my way to Wembley Square did not make it any better.
I quickly scattered in and the first thing I see is a very cute guy sitting at Vida. He looks up, at me, at my hair (By now I must look like Medusa sans snakes) and then he looks some more. So do I, obviously. A bit bewildered maybe, because I feel like I have not flirted with a stranger in forever so I wasn’t sure whether he was flirting or wondering if he should give me the number of his girlfriend’s hair stylist. But yay for me, no such offer followed, which leads me to believe he was flirting with me. Complimenting me with his eyes if I wanted to put it more poetical.
That got me thinking of compliments on my way back with cappuccino and muffin. What are the best compliments guys have ever paid me? The special ones. The ones you remember and sometimes even write down, so you can remember when he is not around anymore. The ones that remind you that someone loved you once. Or at least really, really fancied you.

Here is my Top 5 list of best compliments I have ever received. From the bottom up...

No 5: “You look really hot in your sweatpants.”
I think this compliment is every girls dream and yes, I really heard it. Mind you, we did argue about which sweatpants he was referring to a few days later and it wasn’t my favourite pair, but still – good enough.

No 4: “You are so beautiful.” I know it sounds simple, but unlike being called hot, sexy, cute or pretty; beautiful has such a well, beautiful sound to it. Works best first thing in the morning, when you usually feel everything but for the lack of make-up, brushed teeth and clothing to cover the wobbly bits. The times when someone called me beautiful, felt truly special and I did in fact feel beautiful.

No 3: “Your mouth was just made for kissing.”
I know, I know, someone is gagging right now, because this must be the cheesiest line ever and surely copied from a Telenovela. But when a guy you are madly in love with, tells you at 2am while you are laying on your bed bathed in moonlight, you will swoon as I did.

No 2: “You have the ass of a goddess.”
Now that is a really cute story actually. One must know that I have always had a love/hate leaning more to hate relationship with my bum. Already when I was a teenager I just knew it wasn’t my best feature and I was quite shy about it. My first boyfriend now in an effort to show me that he even loved my ass constructed a poem/song with the lyrics ‘she has the ass of a goddess’. Cute, non? I think my bum blushed a bit with all this attention.

No 1: “Miss, you have very nice legs.”
This makes the top spot purely because a man who was about 90 years old told me at the health food store and he preceded with the question “May I pay you a compliment?” Now that’s what I would call a true gentleman.

Girls, I’m calling on you to tell me your best compliment ever received. No price, just for fame and glory and to remember that someone thought us special.

P.S. And if you are really bored and know me well you can also try to match the compliments No 5 – 2 to my ex boyfriends.


  1. My brain is still too fuzzy from last nights excesses to think about my list but LOVE your post today anyway!!!!

  2. Love your post today! And you do have great ass, so much so I have to restrain Adam from grabbing it!

  3. I will just slap his wrist if he tries again...


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