June 24, 2011

The big double - 0.

Celebrating my 100th post today, I think I can indulge a bit and let my narcissist side shine for a change. After all this is my blog and it’s all about me. Never mind me, just don’t take me serious...
I did however just in time find a genius application on facebook – The Museum of Me. Very well possible that everybody has already seen it, done it and is over it now, but I just found it and I am excited. This is cool.

So now for the big double – 0, I proudly present the Annika Ziehen exhibit:

Exhibition opened yesterday already.

Yup, that's what it is all about.

Some of my best work.

Robots doing something...you gotta watch it!
Words like pasta...any...new york...work...yoga...red wine. You know, the usual.

My wonderful friends in all their glory.

My little universe.
 The actual application turns it all into a little film clip, which unfortunately I couldn’t copy in here. Go to the link and make your own - it is stunning and the pics here don't really do it justice. It is especially great if you are having an off day and think you must go skydiving in Timbuktu to turn your life around – to see your life turned into an exhibition may actually show you ‘hey, now that's an interesting person with a really awesome life’. You never know, give it a try.


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