June 6, 2011

Weekend afterglow.

My attempted weekend schedule didn’t start off well as minutes after posting I cancelled my spa appointment. I decided it was more vital for my wellbeing to take a nap instead. It turned out to be a decision I didn’t come to regret.
Other than that I think I crossed of everything on my list and more. So much more that one post is not going to cut it and I will therefore hack it into yummy little pieces for everyone to enjoy. And whether or not you care, I have also decided that instead of just telling funny stories a la ‘how everybody knew what bra I was wearing while making out with a boy named Julian on the stairs leading to the dance floor at the local disco when I was 15’, I will tell you a bit more about places I like to go, things I like to eat, read, wear. Reason for that is simple - there are just very few 'Julians' on the horizant right now. I also find the combination of rain and dwelling on the past too depressing. Don't worry though, if there happens one to be on the way, I will kiss and tell. 

For now...snippets...more later...

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