May 31, 2011

DIY disaster.

I tend to use good common sense most of the time. Unfortunately I have two character flaws which can get in the way: I tend to be a tad bit lazy and I would forget my head if it wasn’t screwed on. So it is really no surprise that once I forgot to get newspapers at the store and was then too lazy to search my flat for a suitable substitute that DIY Monday didn’t so well.

The inspiration started a while ago when I was at the Milnerton flea market with Carmen, looking for frames. While browsing I thought it might be a good idea to get a blackboard as well. Once to improve chances for things I need to buy to actually be bought and because I liked it at my friends’ house in New York. No luck though, there was no blackboard in sight so Carmen recommended to get blackboard paint, something I had never even heard of before and got therefore very excited about.
As my projects I get very excited about sometimes go, I bought the paint and it has been sitting on my counter for so long that Carmen had enough time to give birth and celebrate her daughter’s one month birthday in the meanwhile.
Then I got the necessary inspiration/push to get going from Vamp. I adore their furniture, but after inquiring about a price once which made me cry, I just look these days. Then I found this mirror and fell in love:

Besides not having the money to buy it, I have enough mirrors to equip another Hall of Mirrors in my flat. In fact I was thinking of turning one into a blackboard, but Thekla just yelled at me and called me stupid.

So there was my new idea – spray paint the mirrors. Re-read the first paragraph and you will understand how it came to this:

It started well enough, with happy bottles of paint and wine.

But went downhills with a too thin paper choice,
which I realized too late in the process.

So my hands ended looking like this...

... and my floor like this. Ups.
The pictures show and I will admit, it wasn’t my smartest move, but seems typical of me (you should see the amount of “painting” clothes I own). What is done is done though and now the options are as follows:

a) Gather courage, ask for price of Vamp mirror and start saving.
b) Buy newspapers and paint thinners (to clean the floor), air the flat, continue and pull through.
c) Start saving and get JJ* to do it.

I will report back what I have decided on, unless someone can come up with some other sparkling and hopefully smarter solution.

*JJ had to finish a previous DIY project of mine. Luckily my favourite chair was worth the R450 it cost me to have JJ strip it.

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