April 23, 2011

Pretty useless.

Today is a pretty useless day. As in pretty, but useless. It started when I woke up with delight and the after-glow of a really good night sleep as I had taken out my down duvet yesterday, crawled under it and then did not move for 8 hours.
It continued with a class I took, which was full of laughter, even giggle and literally enough steam to make the phrase ‘look into your own eyes in the mirror’ sound downright silly. There was just no way to see…
After my own practice I attempted to make Caesar Salad, which I had been craving. With only one burnt batch of croutons I managed to make a salad that made me want to cry with joy. The last time I ate a Caesar Salad that yummy was in a restaurant in Hamburg about 10 years ago. They have been closed for ages and I still miss their salad dearly whenever I’m in town. The fact that I am usually completely useless at making dressings, made the one I managed and the overall experience even more special.
The useless part is kicking in now in form of a Grey’s Anatomy marathon. I won’t even try to defend myself. It is a holiday so I can do whatever I want. Also in light of my knee surgery next week, I find watching it quite soothing for some very odd reason.

Before I sat myself on the couch and refused to move for the next few hours I wanted to use the beautiful midday light in my flat for some picture taking. I decided to take pictures of things that are exactly like today: pretty and useless. They are the kind of things that either have crossed oceans with me already or will if I ever leave. They don’t really serve any good purpose, but they are pretty and make me happy and smile whenever I look at them.

I don’t even know how to call them. They are little metal and enamel blobs. Left over practice runs from my sister-in-law’s jewelry collection. They are the epiphany of pretty and useless in my home. I keep them in a little box and just take them out once in a while to look at and be happy to have them.


I took those two from a hotel launch I was invited to years ago. My little nephew has similar ones, only in color for playing zoo. I secretly wish I could get more and have a whole zoo too.


My non-shot shot glasses. I bought them at my favorite store Wink. I go in there and buy something every time I get my hair cut as they are right next door. These are original retro glasses and completely obsolete - too big for shots, too small for water or wine, but oh so pretty!


Pucci fabric strings. Again a left over from my sister-in-law. They have found a purpose by roping off my spiral staircase. In case I was to fall though, I am sure they would prove pretty useless.

And now back to the marathon and to eating the most incredible Valrhona chocolate Easter eggs from Cafe Milano. I may just have to leave my house later for a refill...


  1. I don't think it useless.Often there are things we think useless will be useful when it comes to the true time and circumstances.

  2. That's quite right. I did eat an entire fig out of my non-shot shot glass for breakfast the other day.

  3. The pretty but useless things laying around our home (and my husband says there is a lot of it laying around) bring me the most joy. Unless I have to dust it, then not so much.


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