June 5, 2012

A winter's summer feeling.

Thanks to me not shouting at my little computer when it refused to work on Friday, I seem to have accumulated lots of good karma so it came out of the shop early. Thus I have actually no excuse not to work. Except that there is a beautiful, wintery drizzle happening outside, which makes me a) sleepy and b) reminds me of what it’s not – yesterday. Yesterday was one of those perfect winter’s summer days that was in a way a lot more special than a summer’s summer day. Or is that just me? I usually can’t really enjoy them as they should be enjoyed, mainly because the German in me still gets very confused by a summer day in winter. My body clock switches season and it doesn’t like to be disturbed it seems.
Yesterday was different though. My body was more than happy to lounge on the sunny balcony with a book after work and I drove home from yoga with the window rolled down. The breeze on my face and the view on the moon gave me a beautiful tingling down my spine, promising good things to come. Or as Marie would say: the sex is waiting in front of the door. Though this feeling was a bit more than just that. Also if sex were to materialize and take a concrete shape and wait in front of my door…oh mei. I don’t think I could appreciate it fully and grab it by the balls as deserved, I might just get scared and slam the door back into its face. That is assuming it has a face. Okay, never mind all that. All I wanted actually to say is that yesterday was a great day and today is a great day so the weather situation is neither here nor there. I just think my dare is working. Life is getting better and I am slowly but surely turning into an annoying little happy person. Deal with it.
Yup, sorry to report, but an inspirational quote has found its way into my lounge.

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