June 27, 2012

10 tips for easy packing.

Ha! Got you there. There will be not one single tip for packing here, because I don't actually know how to pack as it turns out...
I’m sorry for the silence, guys, but I feel like a little low flying warrior these days. Which is not a bad thing per se, but if you know the posture, it’s actually quite tricky and requires lots of balance, focus, and strength. Thus no mind for writing. I am trying to prep and pack and sort everything for Zambia in time and as per usual I am feeling a bit out of my depth. Have I mentioned that ever since I was child I loved travelling, but when it came to the packing part I would freeze like a little scared bunny rabbit. Or so my Mum says…It has gotten much better over the years probably due to moving over oceans a few times, but it still gets me once in a while.
This time around I have to combine packing sensibly for a week of very mixed weather conditions, camping, and a big city weekend in Joburg (including 9-course dinner fanciness here). I also have a whole list of still-to-buy, still-to-maybe-buy, still-to-print, and overall still-to-dos. Problem being that all these are not actual lists yet, but just random thoughts in my head and a few post-its, which will be nowhere to be found when I need them. Argh.
On top of it I have a sleeping bag issue as the sleeping bag cannot completely fit into my washing machine. After stuffing it in there and washing it anyhow, it is now full of washing powder and needs to be washed again and this time properly. I am afraid if I wash it in the bath tub though it will never get dry on time in this horrid weather. Yup, I will admit the weather isn’t helping with anything. I was so happy to see the sun this morning for the first time in forever that I decided to wear a little dress (which will probably not be suitable to drag an oversized sleeping bag to the laundromat later…).

Of course not all is bad. In fact nothing is really bad, I am just a tad bit overwhelmed this week, but I am sure all will be well as soon as I am on the plane on Friday evening with a G&T in my hand (In case Kulula doesn’t serve G&Ts, please do not tell me now!). In the meanwhile I opted to ignore all my lists, written or other, yesterday and take the delectable (isn’t it a nice word?) Miss Olivia for her 13th birthday celebration to see The Avengers. Afterwards we went to El Burro for dinner and moustache fun, which was awesome. I don’t think I ever want to eat anywhere again if they don’t have moustaches to play with. They also brought us really yummy chocolate fondant with a candle to celebrate, but spared us the Spur-esque singing and embarrassing of the birthday girl. Thanks for both!

I shall be attempting the short dress + oversized sleeping bag + going to the laundromat scenario now and get back here once I am on the road. My little pink headlamp, the giraffe that I have yet to meet at our camp, and I shall be reporting live from Zambia soon.

P.S. Can some linguistically skilled person explain to me, why my spell check is adamant about spelling laundromat with a capital L??

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