June 19, 2012

Little Anna and her giraffe.

I just had a Skype conversation with another single friend of mine in Germany. As per usual we were talking about men and eventually the question came up: where do we always find the crazies? The answers were simple: investment banking (her case, though I have been there, done that) and malls (my case only). I thought I should investigate this notion further, but the thought actually made me a bit depressed and since I was already so good with green juice instead of a muffin for breakfast I didn’t really want to go down this road today.

Instead you get…

…. a giraffe! A little one.

Yes, I can hear the collective moan, but I promise this one is different and very, very special. So special indeed that it shall grace this blog soon, but I honestly haven’t gotten around doing any major layout changes yet.
As you may know I have an amazing and incredible talented sister-in-law, Xenia, who has an amazing and incredible sister too, Serena. Back in the day when our combined nephew Jakob started talking, he called Serena his the little Aja and I was the little Anna. I do believe that Xenia had something to do with adding little to the nicknames probably just to show us, because in fact Serena and I are both a head taller than her. She still calls me little Anna though luckily Jakob has outgrown it, but it actually doesn’t bother me either way. I like being the little Anna.

Anyhow, Serena aka little Aja is not only an amazing photographer (check out her work here), but she also made these pictures a while back when she would draw a face with her eyes closed. The outcome was incredible and fun and always recognizable. So when it came to this blog and my desire to have my own little giraffe logo, I eventually asked her for help as I cannot draw to save my life (as you will all know after yesterday’s post). Look what I found in my inbox two days after I contacted her:

The best part about it, it is not only a giraffe, it is in fact a baby giraffe – just look at this cute, little face!

Stuff like this makes me ridiculously happy. Thank you, little Aja!

Now we need a name - suggestions please.

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