June 18, 2012


Sorry for the silence, but I spent the weekend in Betty’s Bay and only used my airbook to watch DVDs and next to me on the car seat as radio substitute. I would show you a picture but as per usual I had only managed to remember buying new batteries, but not to take my memory card with. Ja, ja, bad blogger, I know, I know. The airbook scenario was a bit tricky though because as my little car stretched her legs and flew over the N2, I managed to push a wrong button and my carefully selected playlist was all gone. As you know an airbook ain’t a radio so the playlist couldn’t be recovered while I was driving and my ears were graced with whichever song iTunes fancied.
Luckily I believe in going with the flow, at least when road tripping, so I didn’t mind too much. Once arrived I didn’t even mind the missing memory card, because once arrived, I went straight into a sort of holiday haze of eating, sleeping, and chatting. I realized sometimes, even when you are long grown up, you need parent pampering. Or a good substitute, which I had thanks to my aunt and uncle. Thus I was lazy, but since it’s Monday now, look what I made for you:

The ocean with some typical Betty’s Bay dunes. Beautiful, right? Just fyi the top right thingy is a seagull and not a wave. Just thought you should know, I thought of it all!
I think I remember really well how it looks like there, tough this time around I was so lazy, I didn’t leave the house and I didn’t even see the ocean all weekend (except from the car when driving there, which even I know doesn’t really count). Let’s not dwell on this, let’s just say the weather was really kak *wink*.*

*Did the wink work? I am not a good winker, though sometimes I wish I was. I usually end up looking like an owl or like something got stuck in my eye and I’m trying to get it out. Thought it might work on paper, but you tell me!

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