June 12, 2012

Trick or treat.

These past few days the dare has been hard. My weekend was utterly uneventful except for my niece’s birthday party on Saturday and the new week started with an auto repair bill of more than I can afford right now and a big, weird bruise on my knee. I guess it was to be expected to be tricky some days, but it is just damn hard not to mope on the days which are most mope-worthy.
I also think by now I have behaved so nicely for so long (or so it seems) that I really deserve a treat. Like a nice date. Not one that I have to stalk in the mall. If he were to stalk me that would be fine though, but no psychopaths please. It still scares me a bit that the last one knows where I live. So no, thank you, I need someone a bit more…normal. Though Nele says normal translates to boring and who would want that? Yes, I know it ain’t that simple and things usually don’t go this straightforward, but why actually not? Stomp my foot here and pout.
Fine, I shall stop with the moping now and just hope that one of my happily married/engaged/committed girlfriends reads this, will chat with her awesome husband/fiancé/boyfriend, and maybe come up with a plan to set me up with one of his equally awesome/non-psychopath/yet non-boring friends. Anyone?

In the meanwhile I shall practise my patience in addition to everything else and will be patiently awaiting the arrival of my non-mall date on my yoga mat. *

*Though we all know if that actually happened, I’d probably be really pissed off why there is a person I don’t know on my yoga mat.

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