June 6, 2012

Dashing and daring.

What is this song and where did it come from? Ever since I started the dare it has been on my mind and it has been a week, so you can imagine how annoyed I am getting even more so because I am not supposed to get annoyed. Then again it also reminds me of my friend Sam, who initiated the word dashing into my vocabulary. Probably because he himself is quite dashing. Just like Mr. Darcy or Sean Connery. Luckily the combined image of Sam, Mr. Darcy (did he even have a first name??), and Sean makes the whole song in my head a bit more bearable.
Anyhow, technically the dare is over, but yesterday I decided I shall add another week, because the results have been quite astonishing. I was thinking about it last night when I was taking my make-up off. Usually I think about such random stuff in the shower, but yesterday I was just busy with a cotton pad. While I was thinking that my life is by no means perfect (yet!), but has just gotten a whole lot better already, I put nail polish remover on the cotton pad and luckily realized this before swiping my face with it. I started to giggle, which is always a bit weird when on your own, and thought it was in fact a nice metaphor for the results of the dare: No perfect life, but a better one. Now I seem to at least realize it when I am about to figuratively put nail polish remover on my face, which is a lot more than I can say of my life before.

In case you feel bad now, you could either try it too (and don’t pretend you don’t need it, I do know a few likeminded people and I tend to call them my best friends…) or I could share with you my failings from last week:

1. I swore frequently. Though not at other people, which I guess is an improvement.

2. For a week that was supposed to be pasta & wine free there was quite a bit of both and only one night the pasta was gluten free and not by my choice.

3. Though I didn’t tweet snotty replies, I still thought them out in my head. The whole 140 characters.

4. I got really upset at the video store when my booked movie didn’t come in on time. But that was after I had just seen the Frenchman so I think it only counts half as I was already aggravated by him.

5. Forget about no. 3 – I just tweeted the snotty question whether the Grand CafĂ© can really be considered fine dining these days. Though I do believe that is a valid question and the answer is no.

So there you see - my life and me are still very far from perfect, no need to be envious. And in case you miss my disastrous stories about me & men – don’t worry, I have just playing it safe and staying away from them as best as I could. Knowing me, I shall get bored soon, approach a male human being, will manage to mess it up royally, and boom! great post for you. You just be patient…

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