June 11, 2012

Blue, baby blue.

If I ever get myself a kitten (I know a baby giraffe would be cooler, but let’s be real – it is less likely to fit into my little place. By the way what is the proper term for a baby giraffe? Does anyone know?) I will probably end up with a really ugly one. Given the task to pick one from a litter, I will feel so bad for the ugliest one and will be so scared it might be left behind or has to live through a whole being-picked-last-for-the-team-in-gym-class scenario that I will have to take it. I think everything else i.e. being reasonable and picking a cute one would make me feel just awful. I could actually cry just thinking about it. I seem to have a big heart or something after all.
So last week I went to Cape Union to use my upcoming Zambia trip as an excuse to buy myself my very own headlamp. While I was browsing I ended up in the backpack section and took a closer look as I also had one of those on my list. I almost ended up buying every single one of them as the same hormones/insanity kicked in as described above: They were all so ugly, I couldn’t bear the thought for them to probably stay in the store forever and ever, because who would want to buy such ugliness if not me and my big heart?
Luckily I stopped myself in time and realized that a backpack ain’t a kitten and that there are probably many people out there who value functionality above looks and all the little backpacks will find a good home eventually. Thus I didn’t buy a backpack for all the wrong reasons, but decided instead to ask Kim Gray for advice on where to find a backpack that would be more soothing to my eyes. Usually when getting shopping tips from a pro, you (or is it just me?) end up spending way too much money. I know that because I have been the advice giver in this regard many times and still have upset emails from broke customers to show for. This time was no different as she recommended Chapel. After a much exciting hike through a construction site in Woodstock in heels I found the shop and I chose my new baby, which unlike any future kitten of mine is ridiculously good looking:

In case you wonder, I do not know whether it is indigo or electric blue and I don’t care. I simply call it very blue or so bright I can’t get lost in the forest blue. I think a colour this bright is an added feature, sort of like extra pockets or waterproof lining for regular backpacks. Surely worth the intense workout my credit card got and the trail of potentially neglected feeling backpacks at Cape Union I have left to cry.

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