June 14, 2012

Me & my donkey.

Yesterday was all around awesome. We had our company outing/road trip/pre-holiday lunch and drove out to Babylonstoren. I have wanted to go for ages and as you know sometimes when you have wanted to do something for ages and then you do it, it’s a let-down and not nearly as great as you imagined it to be. This was not the case yesterday. Within 5 minutes of our arrival we had even forgotten that we were initially quite pissed off by having to pay entrance fee to get in. Everything was just perfect. The dips, the bread, the wine, and the food which they had colour coordinated. Just like my colour coordinated bookshelf that made the little organizer freak in me very happy.

I had a perfect vegetarian lunch and only for my desert did I cave and had the one that came with a slice of crispy parma ham on top, which was strangely satisfying and made me feel quite like an adventurer.
After lunch we walked around in the gardens and Mark made me jump up a tree and pick a naatjie. I think it would have made a good picture, but he didn’t take one, alas I just have the memory now of my first ever freshly picked naatjie from a tree.

Then we tasted and bought wine. Which was great – how else? - but the highlight was yet to follow when we went to the donkeys. You will probably think So what? Have you never seen a donkey? What’s there to get all excited about? And I will say that yes, I have seen a donkey before, but I have never

 ….heard one scream (is that how you call that sound they make?) for real. I think it was happy to see me.

….padded a donkey.

….known that their ears are so humongous. They look like someone stuck Playboy bunny ears on them and painted them donkey fur colour.

….known that donkeys like wine just as much as I do.
Bad donkey! Shiraz and Viognier not for little donkeys!

….had my favourite scarf nibbled on by a donkey.

That was the second after the nibble when I had barely rescued my scarf from the donkey's mouth.

So, yes, that’s what happens to me when there is no boys in sight – I get excited when I can play with donkeys.

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