June 7, 2012

Any & the elderly.

As I have established the Garden Centre is not only excellent to run into ex-boyfriends, but also flirting with potential new ones. Though that might be a bit of an overstatement as I have actually never turned a flirt into even a date, but I am working on it… For any tips how one can take a guy charmingly from a shop queue to a bar I’d be grateful.
Yesterday seemed to proof my theory on it being an excellent hunting ground though, only this time at PnP. Which I will now admit I generally prefer for this purpose (and sorry for calling it that!); the other day I was just grumpy since the Frenchman walked out of there. And no, don’t worry, I do not pick my shop by the amount or attractiveness of men, it is just something I’ve realized over time.

Probably inspired by my new found blog love Mayor Gia who has a boyfriend which is apparently older, but as she replied upon me raising a concerned eyebrow: It's all legal and consensual and whatnot. Just a bit weird. So that’s fine then and again, I was apparently inspired, because there I was flirting with an older gentleman. By older I mean…I actually don’t know exactly what I mean, but he was wearing proper pants and not jeans, which is always a sign of a certain age. He was also wearing a sleeveless cardigan. Now you will immediately think hipster, but let me assure you, he wasn’t a hipster, which is good, because I don’t do hipsters. He was wearing the cardigan because that item of clothing actually belongs to his age group.
I realize I make him sound really old now, but he was also handsome and had a nice butt, which I could see in these proper pants of his. Overall good enough reason for a little flirt on a random Wednesday afternoon and so the flirt continued outside the shop. I even went upstairs after he did though I didn’t need to and ended up in the book store. While I was trying to look like an inconspicuous book browser the unbelievable happened: the guy had turned around and was coming towards me on the other side of the gallery. For one second I was naming our future children and then I saw him hugging and kissing a beautiful brunette on the cheek. Which could mean only one of two things:

1. He is married. No need to elaborate on this.

2. He has a daughter who is older than me, which even with the nice butt makes him way too old for me.

Thus I went home alone and watched True Blood which was way more satisfying than stalking older men in a mall. So I actually take it all back what I wrote earlier as this proved my point once more – I am not made for malls!


  1. Hehheh cute story! Glad I could inspire you!

  2. Thanks! And thank you to your boyfriend too I guess...


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