June 25, 2012

Happy happy, Papi!

Today my wonderful, smart, funny, generous, amazing, loving, kind, and all around awesome Dad is celebrating his 67th birthday. Which is only somewhat true. The birthday part is true, the age…not so much. But when I just told him on the phone that I decided from now on to stay 28, he spontaneously said he would go with 67. Since it’s his birthday and 67 or over qualifies him for certain indulgences and follies, he can be however old he wants.

Thus I will just say:

Happy 77th 67th birthday, Papi! 
Love you loads,

Deine Kleene*
*That means your little one in German dialect as I am exactly that - his little one.
Christmas Beings. Mein Papi and I. This picture makes me happy.

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