June 9, 2012

13 going on 30.

I have not ever done a post for someone's birthday before, but today shall be a first, because today is very special someone's very special birthday. My beautiful, funny, smart, kind, all around talented and simply super niece Olivia is turning 13 today. Though it might as well be 30, because she is so beautiful, funny, smart, kind, talented, and super that you ask yourself how someone with just 13 can be this awesome. But she is and thus I count myself quite blessed to have such a niece. Technically she isn't my real niece as she is my cousin's daughter, but with my crazy family relations we have given up on finding proper names for the connections and so I am simply proud to be her aunt.
Obviously it wouldn't be a proper Happy Birthday, now you are a teenager! post without a tiny bit of embarrassment for the newly turned teenager. Therefore I have to share these pictures, they are just to good...
Little Olivia.
Big Olivia
Can we talk about the heels??

Wow - time flies! And now I am allowed to get a little bit soppy and just say: 

Olivia, I love you. I think you are so special and I am so happy whenever I get to spend time with you. I wish you a beautiful year ahead with sunshine and little giggles and music and dancing and learning and exploring and laughter and walking into the world with some nice high heels, enjoying who you are and who you are becoming - an amazing young woman. 

Now I wipe a little tear away and shout from the balcony:


1 comment:

  1. I have two tears now too. Gorgeous post and from one aunt to another a totally agree with every word!
    I love you too Olivia!


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