May 2, 2012

Anniversary II.

Thanks to the Frenchman taking the cake (I love this expression, it is my new favourite now!) I have moved on from the all-about-trees-approach of my posts. Last week I was still attempting to make everything green here. Therefore, even though I really wanted to write about Keenwä after going for the first time, I decided not to as it obviously wasn’t tree related. Bit of a bummer really, because there was so much happiness to write about. Then my dreams came to the rescue. That same night I dreamed about our dinner, but in my dream they told me the restaurant was now called The Green Door and not Keenwä anymore. My dream-self got very excited and came up with the following writing concept: trees are green so if the restaurant is called The Green Door it totally relates to trees and I can tie it in with my tree stories just by the name. Yes, I am that good in my dreams! Pure dreamy genius.

Does this even make sense to anyone but me? Can you follow me?

So upon waking up, I realized that my tree tie-in was gone as it is obviously still called Keenwä. But now I actually don’t care anymore, because their Pisco Sours are a force to be reckoned with, green or not, even a week later. So to sum it up: I blame those drinks for getting me out of my irksome slump last week…and the décor…and the service…and German (with a Gch… he is obviously not a German), the owner…and the food, especially the chilli icecream…and the second glass of Pisco…and last, but not least the company – thank you lovely @theklasalmon for the cheer and the picture of these beauties:

On a totally unrelated note, but maybe you have guessed from the title - this is my 200th post. Happy 200th posts me!


  1. Trees shmeez, pisco sours rules!

  2. You are allowed to say that as you have already gotten me a tree :). And of course because you are quite right!


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