May 28, 2012


I recently read a blog that was talking about the idiosyncrasies of the average American diet. While they probably had many valid points, I thought it strange that the author thought cookie dough ice cream was one of them. What on earth could be wrong with cookie dough ice cream? Versus all other cream, sugar, and chocolate filled ice cream variety? Why would cookie dough be any worse? I sincerely doubt the author ever had any, otherwise she wouldn’t dare point her finger, but rather dip it in the pint and scrape some more doughy bits out. Those are obviously the best part of the whole ice cream. Alas I think it wouldn’t do to just buy a whole role of cookie dough (which yes, don’t look so shocked you can do that easily in Germany and SA too these days…) and eat it. The dough needs to be emerged in the ice cream, slightly frozen, and you have to work to get to it. Scrap and dig and eat around it.
It never occurred to me that some people may actually not like cookie dough. I was retelling the blog story over dinner on Saturday and we started discussing cookie dough versus the final product. To my amazement Claire said she couldn’t see the appeal in the dough, she’d rather have a proper cookie. I stood my ground firmly that cookie dough is the holy grail of sweet stuff and beats a regular cookie any day.

That was till I opened my for-the-hostess-gift from Claire and Laura:

I opened them after the guests had left to have a little sweet midnight snack. I ate one. Then another…and another…and probably two more. Maybe it was four. Then I pried them out of my own hands which was tricky. I went to bed and repeated the whole scenario for breakfast. When I pried the bag out of my hands this time, it was empty though.

I shall now do a show down between oat and honey cookie dough and oat and honey cookies. After completing and repeating it twice to give the whole experiment proper credibility, I shall report back if I changed my mind.


  1. I love cookie dough and cake batter. I used to make 1/4 portions of cake batter as a kid and just eat it like that.
    But not all cookies and cakes are created equal. My devils food cake for instance tastes better once cooked. So either way, they are sinful, and the best part is you can have you cookie dough and eat it too. Some before baking and some after! No compromises necessary

  2. That sounds like a plan - Laura gave me the recipe. I shall see how my oven is handling cookie backing and if it acts up again, I will just eat dough.


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