May 25, 2012

Cannes part III.

I thought I had seen it all and said it all, but apparently not. Since today is a nasty, rainy Friday and I am still feeling very sorry for myself for my very sore shoulder (which I will report about in the appropriate context next week), I allow myself to indulge and gossip a bit longer. Thus I give you one more for the road the scary side of Cannes:

Scary doppelganger.

Is it just me or is Peter Dundas well on his way of becoming the next Karl? The only visible difference I can find is the hair colour and age group of their respective arm candy.

Scarier doppelganger.

She doesn’t even look like herself anymore. She looks more like Sansa from Game of Thrones who is all together a silly cow with a nice scary glare. Isn’t Diane dating Spiderman? Wouldn’t that make you want to smile at least once in a while? If they ever cast for a Medusa, she will get my vote for that one.

Scariness is a dress.

Louis Vuitton is another one of these companies who just don’t do evening well. Just look at Kirsten and her, to me, unknown friend. It is actually just sad.

Scary entertainment.

I think as far as celebrity couples and there entertainment factor goes Kanye and Kim are a golden. I also think as far as glitzy mini dresses go Balmain is one of the few acceptable options. Putting it both together though just scares me.

On a less scary and totally unrelated note – winter is here and I shall be having Gl├╝hwein and Pizza tomorrow. Happy weekend!

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