May 11, 2012

Forest fairy.

In Germany we have a saying called Holla, die Waldfee! I guess the closest I would get to explaining it even in German, is to say it is an exclamation of surprise. I was trying to find an adequate translation, but other than Waldfee being a forest fairy and Holla an old word for elder flower, I didn’t get far. It all came down that apparently one has to be nice to elder trees and fairies as an old English saying goes:

Elder be your lady´s tree,
harm it not or cursed ye´ll be!

I still like the idea that it is more a surprised greeting. Imagine you walk in the forest and you were to see a fairy. Wouldn’t you be rather surprised, maybe squeak a little, and exclaim something like Whoopsie, a forest fairy! 

Anyhow… it all just popped into my head yesterday while I was packing…random thoughts.

This little forest fairy, I mean me of course, has all the essentials and is off into the woods!

Forest Fairy essentials: fairy wings, gum boots, pink bubbly.

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