May 24, 2012

Of models on fire and Helen of Troy.

I was just told that I am funny and should become a female Perez Hilton. This coming from my journalist friend Julia, I feel really flattered and so here you go…

My first question which I was still good to ignore yesterday – what are all the models doing in Cannes? I do understand the symbiosis between fashion and film and thus the mingling and meddling of models and actors, but seriously? There shouldn’t be more models than actresses clad in silk and lace on the red carpet. And yes, I still count Diane Kruger to the former. Thinking of her as Helen of Troy still makes me grind my teeth. Or take Milla Jovovich – has she done anything noteworthy movie wise ever since the Return to the Blue Lagoon? They are by far the best examples of models turned actresses as they have actually put foot on a movie set or two. I guess that in itself gives them sort of validation of being at Cannes, but the rest… Surely there are enough hot actresses that the eye candy factor is taken care of, non?

Anyhow, excuse the little ramble… I just had to get it off my chest.

So now back to the glitz and the clothes and oh wait, the first is actually the perfect combination of the above mentioned ladies. Because back in the day when I was little and playing Helen of Troy or Greek Goddess or something to this extend, I would take a nice sheet, wrap it around me and end up looking something like this:

I did not take the sheet, wrap it around me, and pretend I was an actress on a red carpet. Just saying.

And if you are model, just a proper one, not a model turned actress, and yet you feel the need to grace the world with your attendance, please try to look different than an Oompa Loompa in her boilersuit.

Cheryl on the other hand looks like Katniss, the girl who is on fire.

I like how her dress is melting into the red carpet. Kind of cool, so it doesn’t even matter that I have no idea who she is or what she does or if she has any good reason in my books to be there.

That was all that was new and exciting for now. On a final thought though, I just wish to add: Sneaker shoe still life - I did it first, Mr. Big Shot Cannes Photographer!
Left: sneakers in Platbos forest, May 11th. Right: sneakers in Cannes, 2 weeks later.

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