May 15, 2012

A treemendous* thank you.

I like the idea of a gratitude diary, but lately I just don’t feel like it though I do have a lot to be grateful for and I know it. So instead I want to share my gratitude here and just share my thank you with you. A big thank you to the universe in general and a bit more concrete for an amazing weekend to…

The most amazing sponsors of 30.5 little treelings:
Amazing Spaces. Cape Royale Luxury Hotel. Cora. Deniz. Flash. Ian. Location Gallery. Lolo. Marc. Marcia. Marie. Mark Shakey Shaw. Melanie. Papa. Thekla.
Thank you for letting me annoy you as I did and buy the forest some new inhabitants!

Thank you to Sabina and my wonderful company for sponsoring me to go plant them.

Thank you Gareth for driving and having an iPod with great music ready.

Thank you Claire for being an amazing friend, bringing us all together and showing me how to break down a tent.

Thank you King Steve for setting my tent up in the dark.

Thank you Mark for the loan of camping plates, head lamp, prayer flags, and all the priceless camping advise.

Thank you Catherine, Laura, Fionna, Gerhard, and Sebastian for the planting and dancing companionship. I guess a special one to Gerhard for taking all the big hole digging off the girls’ hands.

Thank you Jax for truly inspiring yoga sessions under the tree and for teaching me to let my hair down and just breathe.

And last but not least…the biggest thank you to Greenpop – Misha, Lauren, Jeremy, and Charlotte – for caring enough to bring us all together for this amazing experience. For your kindness, patience, energy, and the never waning smiles on your faces. I think you guys rock - Thank you that and for making the world a bit greener at the same time!

*No, that isn't my creation - Greenpop came up with it and I just had to borrow.

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