May 9, 2012

A fashionable thought.

When I meet new people and they ask me what I blog about my usual answer is Pasta, men, and yoga – in no particular order. I feel that I have left anything remotely fashion related far in my past so I don’t look at fashion magazines, I don’t look at shows on, and I definitely don’t feel any desire to write about it.
Today I do. Though I am just wearing a stripy jersey with jeans and don’t feel particularly sparkly, I do feel quite inspired after browsing through the pictures of the Met Costume Gala. As usual it was glamorous and fabulous and definitely fashion-y (unlike the Oscars and many other red carpets). Therefore I do question the attendance of some guest i.e. The Jonas Brothers. Have they ever a) been at the Met b) do or wear anything fashion noteworthy or c) even know who Schiaparelli was? With the current exhibit being Schiaparelli and Prada: Impossible Conversations that should have been a pre-requisite to score an invite I think. Needless to say, I would have gotten one.

Anyhow here are my thoughts on the outfits. In no particular order I give you The good, The bad, and The let me quickly avert my eyes…
Little to say when something is just right…and beautiful…and new…and breathtaking…and simply the best look No 1:
Christina Ricci in Thakoon with Thakoon.

The other best look No 1:
China Chow in Jean Paul Gaultier Couture.
I usually don’t care for Diane Kruger. Well, I actually still don’t. She is just too blonde (= blah) for my taste. I also think that though I adore anything Prada, I think it is a tricky choice for evening. This one though…this isn’t just a dress, it is mucking afazing dress (can you tell I carried a Charlie’s Bakery box twice this week?):
Diane Kruger in Prada.
I remember I was the only one wearing a short dress for my matrik ball. My favorite teacher, Herr Grund, gave me the doubtful compliment of commenting how very little fabric it had for a dress. There were a lot of dubious scenarios of skin-showing at the Met this year, but this dress especially makes me wonder what Herr Grund would have said:

I think she looks straight out of Lady & The Tramp and she is not the lady. I might be biased with her. I have never liked her and I never will. I blame an ex (you know who you are!) who loved her and called her Scarlywarly, not that I think she would have been impressed by this nickname. Still I think this outfit calls for the corner pub and a beer in a can.

Almost enough with the bitching. This one actually makes me a bit sad. I am such a fan of Blair, don’t like Serena, but Blair just does it all right all the time for me. But what the flip happened here with her face? She actually looks like an Oompa Loompa and reminds us all – even spray tans are bad for you

Do you know what I mean?

Last but not least – my dress:
Farida Khelfa in vintage Schiaparelli. 
That was me for today and now police and out.

P.S. I struggled a bit with my credits, so help me out if you can. All pictures taken from , but I only credited the people and the dresses I liked as you can see. Not out of negligence, but it just seems a little mean to name and blame in one go. Tell me if I’m wrong.

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