April 30, 2012


Remember Grey’s Anatomy and Meredith’ and her “Seriously?” whenever someone did or said something really unbelievably stupid? I always thought it made her sound a bit stupid herself. I don’t anymore.
As I mentioned a lot of stuff and people irked me last week, but the Frenchman really took the cake. Yes, you read correctly – the Frenchman. I thought I should just silently grumble and get over it, but Thekla (I guess I wasn’t so silent after all) said, I owe it to my reader to share.

We, the Frenchman and moi, were just engaging in a friendly chat of SMS messages, geared towards him finally fetching his necklace from me. It was all well and good till we went into the How is your life and what are you up to? territory. Upon me telling him, no, I was not married yet, neither a lesbian, and not 40kgs heavier than last time we met, I received this answer from him:

Totally ok with girls :-)  This was in response to my non-lesbian comment, harmless enough. My body is refining (very) slowly. Started gyming as prep for Ironman training for next year. Also harmless and only interesting in the regard that I wonder how someone who smokes like a true Frenchman will do Ironman? Still not married…Been going out with xyz* for a year now.  I pondered on the fact that this was sort of a strange statement considering that he was still sleeping with me a year ago. Cleary remembered by clearly only me as it was 2 weeks after my knee surgery and he brought me bread to bed the next morning so I could take a pain killer. Then again…who is counting…the women or the months? And went to get snipped to avoid accidental offsprings! Cake. Taken. I need a haircut and a shave though! :-) Who the f*** cares about the haircut now??

After that I rest my case and Grey was right. Sometimes there is just no other reply, but a big, fat seriously?

*There was a proper name. I don’t like it. The name that is. Thus edited and of course because we shall not name the innocent, new girlfriends.

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