May 7, 2012

Smelling Joey.

I think you all enjoyed my little rants last week. At least that is what the stats are telling me. Unfortunately my health and my heart don’t agree, so my life is about to change. For the better or for the boring. It already started this weekend and it was beautiful and relaxed. There was a golden birthday cake, truffle fries (which I can still taste on my tongue, slightly concerning at 9am) and thanks to loads of cocktails on Saturday night, a walk in the park yesterday. I woke up early and the world was no fun. Instead of the usual anti-hangover cure of greasy breakfast, drawing the blinds shut, and at some point a little hair of the dog, I decided to try something new and to get myself a good dose of fresh air at Company Gardens instead.
With my recovered vacation pants - don’t ask, long story - camera, and big sunglasses I went off into the green. There I literally stopped and smelled the roses. Not quite proper trees and already a bit rough around the edges, but still worth a few shots:

This one was called Just Joey:

Not sure where that comes from, but quite awesome if you ask me. I thought all roses would have stuffy English names. Joey didn’t smell of much, but this one did:
In fact it smelled so much like the rosewater in my buttercream the other day, that I thought someone must have sprayed it with fragrance. I actually looked around to find the hidden camera.

I was lucky to manage this one picture as my battery was dead. Like the universe was saying Dude, you can’t capture the smell in a picture. I took it anyhow, because now you can take this picture on your fancy iPhones, go to Company Gardens, find the rose and smell it yourself! Believe me it will be worth it…

If you prefer trees to roses and you haven’t done so, only 4 days left to buy me a tree for Greenpop. Please follow the link and click donate:

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