May 29, 2012

Sometimes life is similar to being a baby giraffe.*

I have realized a lot of women are in love with cats. A lot of female bloggers take it a step further and share cat pictures with what I find annoying frequency on their blogs. I like cats too, but I don’t think them that exciting as to write a post about them.
Giraffes on the other hand are a whole different story. As you may or may not know I love giraffes and yes, I have written a post or two about them. Thus I can’t really judge the cat bloggers too much, because though I think giraffes are ten times more exciting than cats, I can admit for the possibility that not everybody shares this sentiment.

This post happened by accident though. I promise, all I wanted to do is find one giraffe picture to trace, because I wanted a sort of comic giraffe to be on my new blog design. Then mean Google not only showed me pictures of giraffes, but also one of a baby giraffe. Then it became even meaner and gave me the option of searching ‘baby giraffe’ and then as you can see it went all downhill from there….
So the baby either has a rather short neck or
the mum a really big head...what do you think?

That's how you end up looking if you play with your food
instead of eating it.

Cocktail hour for baby giraffes.

"Hello, you there, behind the funny black thing!"

The Kiss รก la giraffe.

They look so proper in their family portrait, they
should be wearing Ralph Lauren.

Find the baby giraffe in the picture.

Sorry for sharing, I couldn't help it...

P.S. *No, this is not something I came up with and no, I have no idea what it means either. It just came with this picture:


  1. Aaawwwhhhhhhh!!! Just so adorable! I am sure you have some converts now. I still love cats more, but now I love baby giraffes a lot more than I did before too.

  2. Okay, well that is fine, I can rest assured that my mission was successful.

  3. This is too adorable! In our family, favourite animals vary from monkeys to zebra to giraffe to elephant and I just don't get the cat thing either ;)

    1. I like cats, but I just think giraffes and baby pandas are cuter :)

    2. And monkeys -don't even get me started!! Maybe I must write a baby monkey post...


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