April 5, 2012

Four days.

We have established that in regards to men the last week was less than successful. One could in fact call it disastrous without going overboard. Mind you I held my head up high, kept busy and came out on the other side only a bit bruised, but also a bit wiser.
After all that keeping busy and the emotions shut out, I was in a complete slump on Monday. Physically and mentally and I just felt very sorry for myself. The result was some good pasta for dinner and at 9pm I put on my favourite stripy pyjamas, which are actually for winter and still a bit too cosy for the temperatures we have, and went to bed.
I repeated the exercise yesterday and today I met someone that knows Margarete Mead, which makes today officially awesome and me a nerd, but deserves a mention nonetheless. Other than that I feel like I am already on Easter break and here is the to-do list, because there hasn’t been one in a while and I love lists with little boxes to tick off!*

Putting bunny ears on Cody for general office amusement.

Attempting to make macaroons for a second time. This time in egg shape which I think might be a whole lot easier than perfect circles. So I shall call them Easter macaroons. And if they turn out to be round after all (god knows, I have no actual idea what will be harder to make an egg shape or a circle), according to Julia I can simple call them regular macaroons and no one must ever know.

Making the first roast chicken of the year with stuffing. Maybe just stuffing without the chicken. Have I mentioned how much I love this stuff?

Buy a new yoga mat – pink or other – as mine got stolen out of my car. Which means bad karma for the person who did it and a good reason for me to buy a long overdue, new mat. Seriously though – I mean the mat was old, thin, AND stinky (if you do Bikram, you know how it can be), not sure why even a bergie would want it. But someone did alas someone will get bitten in the ass while sitting on it. Karma is a bitch after all.

Attend to my balcony i.e. window cleaning and replanting the gooseberries that are growing like crazy, I might just be able to open my own market stand soon and sell jam.

There will also be writing, chart making, Easter egg hunting in the dunes (unfortunately the kids are usually allowed to go first and by the time you make it up the hill, there is nothing left but paper wrappings, but still … the spirit counts), and on Monday sneak preview premier of The Hunger Games.

For now all I want to do is sleep though…

Happy long weekend, everybody!

*Just imagine the little tick boxes in front of each ‘to do’, my head is fuzzy and I can’t get my computer to make little boxes.

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