April 19, 2012

Tree hugger.

After Thekla made the start this morning, my wonderful friend Deniz from New York just donated 2.5 trees and as she wrote me, she did it because she loves me and trees. Which is the sweetest thing someone said to me all week. Fear not though as this is no pre-requisite for anyone to buy me a tree. Right now, I don’t actually care if you love me. Or even like me. I don’t even mind if you are not particularly fond of trees in general. As long as you buy one, keeping in mind you don’t have to get your hands dirty at all.

I don’t envy my Mum, having raised a child like I was. I always knew what I wanted and I made sure to get it. When I wanted something I could be very persuasive. Some people would use the word annoying. I think my Mum usually just gave up out of sheer expiration or not even start the argument, because she wanted to avoid being annoyed to death yet again by her toddler/child/teenage daughter. I am still being told that this was a mistake on her behalf. She thinks saying no more often would have benefitted my character… 
She is probably right. I can be very, very annoying when I want something. That’s usually not okay, I know, I know. But for this it is and so I shall annoy all of you into a coma till you get me a tree:


Come now, be a tree hugger, buy me a tree!*

*And if you don’t, I shall annoy you with further tree posts for as long as it takes to reach my tree goal. Just imagine that…no more yoga, no more stories about boys, no pasta recipes…just trees. You better hug quickly…

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