April 23, 2012

Pastaholic eats a tree.

On Saturday something happened which has never happened to me before. I am still quite flabbergasted. Julia and I had bought all ingredients for a beautiful dinner including a nice big chunk of proper Parmesan cheese, because otherwise why bother? I made Caprese salad, fillet, and some pasta with a creamy mushroom sauce. After all we had just done some very hot yoga, felt we deserved a treat, and a lonely bottle of Pongraz rosé and a bottle of Alphabetical just wasn’t gonna cut it.
So we happily ate away, almost literally licking the plates clean (okay, in my case there was no almost involved, I licked the plate…). Right after the last bit of mushroom had disappeared from my plate, I realized the unbelievable: we had not put any parmesan cheese on our pasta! Never, ever in my life! We didn’t even miss it!

Apparently I make a mean, creamy mushroom sauce…

I know, I know for most of you this is all neither here nor there, but to us it was quite astonishing and unheard of. It also partly explains why I had pasta again* last night though I had mentally prepared for salad. The other explanation, which I have to validate the amount of carbs, is that I decided it was time to show a pastaholic’s take on trees.

 Of course coming to think of now in the bright light of day, a salad would have probably made for a better tree. But as it is, I spent the weekend asking myself what does my soul require and as you can imagine my soul has no problem requiring pasta two nights in a row. Once ingredients where laid out and photographed, I felt bad sending them back into the box/fridge/packet. So no worries, nothing was wasted, the pasta tree landed, if slightly disassembled, on my plate after..
If you think this girl, I mean me, should stay away from the pasta for a change and rather have a real tree, go here and get me one: http://www.givengain.com/activist/76000/projects/2652/

*And now owe Julia a new piece of Parmesan cheese.

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