April 16, 2012

Puppy love.

This was supposed to be a very snarly post about me feeling like Medusa today and how I not only want to turn everyone into stone with a look, but then crash them into little pieces with a hammer afterwards. And about how any McDreamy can very quickly turn into a McMaking Me Screamy. In the non-good way I mean. In case this wasn’t obvious. Which I all thought was sort of funny when I wrote it, but now I actually just find it quite depressing. My 33 year old self wants to stomp her Prada clad feet today and shout ‘No fair!’ at the world. Actually not at the world, but at a certain someone. Which is neither here nor there, because I decided to go into a whole different direction with this story now. I will much rather write about cute puppies.


Nope, sorry, cynicism is all I got today. And the Medusa look of course. Guess what…that is quite alright by me. Such is life.

In case anyone is disappointed now, I wanted to go even darker and make a sarcastic remark √° la ‘imagine cute puppy picture here’, but then I found this and I had to share:

Guess there is hope for me after all.

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