April 20, 2012

Live from the forest.

I actually wanted to write about how strange this past week has been. About twenty-four hours of bliss, how it all fell apart, the aftermath of it, which has been my week, and how hard it is to actually follow my gut feeling.
While I started to write about it I realized, I actually can’t. It seems to have knocked all wit and sarcasm out of me. The list of things I have learned is long, but I haven’t quite figured out yet whether it was all worth it. There is nothing to tell and nothing to share.

The one thing that gave me joy this week is the tree gathering for the Reforestfest. So tough luck for you instead of getting juicy details of my not so lovely life, I shall annoy you more with the greenery…
I took this picture at the VallĂ©e de Mai in the Seychelles. In case you don’t know about it, it is a forest and a Unesco heritage site (in)famous for their Coco de Mar palm trees. These are trees that actually sport something that looks like, well, a penis on their males and coconuts in the shape of a bum on their females. True story. Alas, I preferred the picture of this little fellow making its way to the light. You probably want to see the tree with the penis and the bum. Fair enough.

Here are your choices:

a) Google

b) Buy me a tree first, feel great about your charity work prior to any weekend debauchery, and enjoy the pictures I shall post on Monday as a thank you.

If you pick b) go here: http://www.givengain.com/activist/76000/projects/2652/

Have a treemendous weekend everybody!

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