April 2, 2012

Mr. Director & Misses Stylist.

With so much inspiration from Toffie Pop my head feels too full to actually do anything productive with said inspiration yet, so I decided for today to just go down memory lane a bit. While I was watching a clip from one of the speakers yesterday I suddenly remembered the one and only music video I ever styled on my own in New York. I don’t think the band still exists and even back then they weren’t really famous (I mean after all why would they have hired me – an assistant?), but for me it was it was the most exciting thing in the world. Obviously I had an immediate and big crush on the director Charles. I felt very grown-up-stylist to discuss clothing options for the band while I was batting my eyelashes at him just a little bit since I was still trying to play it cool. To no avail though. I don’t quite remember if his coke habits turned me off or if the whole thing just ended in general disaster, but I know it didn’t end well. Maybe that was the reason why they never sent me a copy of the video. Or maybe because the band actually never made it anywhere. Either way, I just found it online. Here you go, amuse yourself, think of me, tucking shirts and adjusting collars while trying to look sexy from behind for Mr. Director.


  1. Very very cool!!! I think they are pretty good and the lead singer is a hottie! And they are dressed perfectly!!!

  2. thanks, love! he was cute, but if i remember correctly he was your typical wanna be famous wanna be a rockstar kind of guy...


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