April 24, 2012


Quite a few donations came in after my offer to show you pictures of the bum/penis palm tree to those who bought a tree. Most came from my Dad, which is slightly concerning to me, wondering if the bum/penis palm tree picture may have been his motivation.(Just kidding! He bought one tree for each member of our family. Thank you, Dad!)

Regardless of anyone's motivation though, I can unfortunately not keep my promise, because I realized that I was only very little interested in the palm trees in question. Thus pictures I took never made it into my final selection folder from the trip. Therefore they are still stuck on my old iBook, which died. I have yet to retry computer CPR to get them off. If you want to see the palm bums, though they are not photographed by me, have a look at this link. Alternatively I will offer you some more of my favourite shots of greenery* from my trip which are not PG13:

Trees dipped in silver water.

Trees with THE view.

Just another tree, just another beach.

Light on a leaf.

Should you be bored of all the "green" pictures by now, no worries, I am writing a story about models, cocaine, and charity for you as we speak. It’s going to be like Gossip Girl, but better!

 *I do realize they actually mainly black and white, but I am sure you can use your imagination and I am just feeling sort of black and white-ish today.

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