July 22, 2011

The wardrobe in the rabbit hole.

When I woke up this morning I was wondering whether I even washed my face last night and if I did, how I managed. The last thing I remember before falling asleep was staring at my arm wondering why it wouldn’t glow in the dark anymore. Not that it ever did, but glow in the dark paint and blacklight paint are easily mixed up and I had forgotten that my arm was painted in the latter, which would still require the black light in order to shine.

In case you look puzzled now, I do too and I was there last night!

It was just one of these down-the-rabbit-hole evenings, which I had shamefully few of lately so last night was very overdue and very welcome. Naomi and I had booked Toffie’s secret supper club, which is why I am a bit vague and things are still a bit fuzzy. If I tell too much, they may have to kill me. Or I can’t come back. After all it’s supposed to be secret. But to summarize, here is what happened in no particular order:

1. I had a bag of chips, biltong and sweet popcorn and was overly excited to get a pickle as well. So excited in fact that Naomi offered me hers too. Mind you, I could just buy myself a jar, so I think it must have been the bag – it looked like pot kos.
2. We drank wine out of a ceramic pot, which was half abstract pig, half elephant. I was quite fascinated by the thing which is why I even mention it as it was quite ugly and utterly cool at the same time. I will try to draw it.

Free hand in paint and it actually has a resemblance. I'm impressed with myself.

3. Then we drank vodka and quince which was odd, but very yummy.
4. We spoke about Avatar. A lot. Here is my explanation as to why:

Yes, it might be upside down and yes, I do suck at taking pictures in the dark. I know, I know...

5. This is the second time I went into a place that felt like I walked in the wardrobe to Narnia and got stuck in the wardrobe. I wish I would have taken more pictures, but as usual my camera died after a few and I also didn’t want to get caught taking pictures. It seemed like an uncool thing to do and again I was a bit scared as picture taking could be interpreted as leaking The Secret. So here is just the one, which I quickly snuck:

Even with a clear head I am not quite sure what I took a picture of here, but either way I like it.

6. I may ask them to send me a picture of the rhinestone embroidered pair of boxing shorts. They would have made a worthwhile shot.

7. I also want to have curtains with birds, china with pink roses and wallpaper with little cars on it. Maybe not cars actually.

8. I did take the serviette/dishcloth and no, I’m not actually sure I was allowed to.

9. We made new friends who celebrate Christmas in July. That appealed to me since Christmas here always feels like Christmas in July to me.

To sum it up: the way I feel today was worth it for sure, though now I am really terrified of the V&A shopping part on my to-do list. Unfortunately I don’t have a choice as hell has no fury like an eight year old who didn’t get a present from his African auntie...

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