July 8, 2011

Sunshine soaking.

With all my recent moping about pretty much everything, I realized today that actually I’m very easy to please. It doesn’t take much to make me silly happy.

It takes 5 to be exact:

1. A really yummy sandwich. Which I got from Dear Me where I finally ventured today. After being a tad bit disappointment that they couldn’t seat me, I decided to take my sandwich for a picnic lunch. Bresaola, gruyere, and pickles – which I almost asked them to remove, luckily I didn’t! – on rye. I don’t understand why not every sandwich can be this good. It was so good that it almost didn’t survive the drive to the picnic lunch location as I was taking a huge bite at each red robot. 
Isn't it pretty? Luckily it made it till picture taking time.
2. A cute guy, who looks like the guy from Lost, driving in the car behind me who a) wears cool Aviators b) drives a really beat up Fiat (I am a sucker for guys in crappy cars, drive a Z3 and I’m already less interested) and c) bought The Big Issue.

3. Driving with my window open, singing along very loud to Katy Perry’s Teenage Dream and then seeing the Quaggas at Animal Camp.

4. Sunshine-soaking. Term of the day, speaks for itself.

5. Gardening. Or my version of it. Strolling through and having my picnic lunch in a garden. Found the perfect spot at the gardens of Hohenort Cellars in Constantia. More sunshine and also soaking up good green energy as the trees gobble away any negative. The term comes from my aunt Kathy, who tells me the trees gobble whenever we go to the forest. What can I say other than gobble away! It’s working.

As per usual macro shots for Marie.
Picnic lunch spot for Schildi and me.


  1. Love this post - and seem to have missed it when you first wrote it!

  2. That was such a nice day too and that sandwich is still the best I ever had.


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