July 14, 2011

Drumroll please.

I’m actually working for a change today and spring cleaning in the process, so not really much time to whip out a literary piece of genius here. I did want to remind everyone though that the final countdown has started and I’m already almost back home. Ten more sleeps and a tiny 24-hour travel. I was looking online for an appropriate animation to celebrate the occasion, but I honestly couldn’t find anything better than good old Llama font. And true to their promise, really everything, even this already joyous occasion, is better when said in Llama.

Only problem I realized too late – Llama can’t do numbers it apparently. Egal! In case you wonder what I meant to write, I put it in simple bolt as well:

Final Countdown! 10 days only...

In case you worry that I might be getting a bit too obsessed with the Llamas (spelled Llamas not llamas, yessir!), you might be right. Considering that the previous animal-related obsession was a fairytale minature giraffe, I think I made progress.

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