July 19, 2011

Elephant luck.

I feel I have been absent for ages, so this is not a proper post, but more of a ‘just saying hi’ as I have just emerged. I was in a bubble so to say. My weekend didn’t start very well as I had a huge row with my mother on Friday evening. Not ideal considering that I will be seeing here in less than a week and it kind of spoiled my pre-trip excitement. The weekend was therefore not spent packing and buying last presents, but washing away my sorrows with bubbly. Literally. Well, almost. Thekla at least used the bubbly to wash her clothes and the driveway. That sounds sad, but it wasn’t. It was good for my soul as I got the feeling that at least the South African part of my family loves me to bits. Yes, I know that is not the truth and I am being a drama queen. No need to tell me, I’m already snapping out of it.
Yesterday I wasn’t. I was having a mental hangover from the weekend which might be due to the bubbly as well as the fact that I haven’t eaten anything but Poor Man’s Meal dinners for the last few days. In case I haven’t mention, I love salty food and salt in general. The result was me waking up every hour or so on Sunday night, drinking two litres of water throughout the night. So of course I wasn’t rested at all yesterday and this made me so cranky, I didn’t even go to yoga. Bad idea. Even worse idea to substitute yoga with drinking red wine and eating chicken burgers.

This morning I decided now it was time to change my life and got up at 05h30 to greet the day.


You didn’t believe what you just read, did you?

No, of course you wouldn’t. I did get up at 05h30, but that wasn’t voluntarily as I had to teach class. I hope now that after doing it twice that my body will realize that it can, in fact, if needed, get up that early and mustn’t wake up 6 times during the night in a panic because it thinks it have overslept. Either way, class was great and I am even feeling remotely happy and at ease with the world already - and it’s not even 10am yet.
So that’s it for now, just saying hi and showing you something pretty, I am very much in love with right now:

No, unfortunately no picture of the hot French man who was in class this morning and very worth getting out of bed. If I were to know I would get one of these every morning, I would easily get out of bed before dawn all the time!


  1. Saturday was fun - you can come be miserable with me anytime!

  2. Not that you and I need a reason i.e. being miserable to have an excuse to drink that much, but thanks :)


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