July 20, 2011

To-Do list deluxe.

In case you wonder why I’m flustered at the moment, here is a glimpse of my to-do list which should be completed before I leave on Sunday and I think it’s quite extensive.*

*If you wonder why things which should happen in the future are already crossed out – I do know myself quite well, certain things are just not meant to happen and the won’t.

Do taxes. Play Angry Birds.
Fetch shoes from repair shop. Do yoga.
Get Airbook program from my uncle so I can write on the plane and when annoyed by my mother. Drink wine with uncle.

Do taxes.
Get Airbook program.
Win Diletto hamper. Nope, just found out, I didn’t.
Have a spa afternoon with Sabina and eat sushi.
Steam clothes, which need to be taken to second hand shop. Will move onto the to-do when back list.
Dye hair. Not a good idea as I will do the early morning yoga class.
Get newspapers and do finish the DIY spray paint project. Will also move onto the to-do when back list.

Do early morning yoga class. Sleep in.
Do taxes if not already done.
Test Airbook writing program.
Make book selection for plane ride.
Got to V&A to the Mac store, buy a cool surfer necklace for Jakob and buy books for plane ride after realizing there is nothing on my own shelf to keep me busy for 14 hours.  Decide the V&A is too horrible to bear on a Thursday.
Get luggage from Naomi. Get luggage and drink two bottles of wine with her.
Have cocktails at Five Flies.
Go to secret supper club.

Really do taxes if not already done.
Write out-of-office email reply.
Clean and organize desk. Put everything in a drawer.
Leave early, have cocktails.
Teach a yoga class.
Have dinner with family.

Teach a yoga class.
Get a haircut.
Go to the V&A.
Get annoyed with myself for not going during the week and wonder why so many tourists come here during winter.
Put outfits for trip together. Throw random things in the suitcase.
Decide on 5 books for the plane ride. Realize that might be overkill. One must stay at home.
Wash sheets. Put on the to-do when back list.
Go to bed sober and early. Drink a bottle of wine with the reasoning that it will be three whole weeks till I get South African wine again and if that’s not a good reason, what is?

Do yoga. Get nervous, drink coffee and smoke instead.
Put papers into travel folder.
Take a zip-block bag for liquids on the plane.
Have a celebratory small glass of wine for not forgetting the zip-block bag.
Have lunch and some more wine with Naomi.
Realize at the airport that I left my glasses at home.  No, that was last time and I actually didn’t, but realized even that too late as Thekla was already on her way back to my house to fetch them while I was checking in.
Realize I forgot to buy the body lotion for Julia and thanking duty-free.
Get in trouble for not having a zip-block bag that, well, zips.
Buy another book at airport book shop.
Have a G&T. Have two.

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