July 4, 2011

Airbook One.

I was in bed all weekend. Not in the good way as I was alone and sick. Not quite all alone as there is a new member in the family:

Isn’t he pretty? I’m much in love. Though I doubt the guys at the Mac store are with me.
Working for a computer company inarguably makes you somewhat of a nerd. Yet the guys who work for Apple are the Marc Jacobs of nerds. They make it cool to be a nerd. They’d define the term nerd-chic. So for me to run in there Saturday morning with hair sticking out all over, cladding a bunch of cash and shouting “I want to buy an Airbook, I want to buy an Airbook.” - not cool. Not cool at all. The nerds stared at me and I was gently reminded that it is not called Airbook though I think that name would be much more nerd-chic and appropriate. After my request the conversation went like this:

Nerd: Let me see if we have one in stock.
Me (nervous snarl in the voice): Someone said last night you do have stock.
Nerd: The computer says we have one, let me just ask the manager nerd to go and check.
5 minutes later.
Nerd: I will just go and see how manager nerd is coming along.
5 minutes later.
Nerd: There is one, but it is a sales order so we are just checking with the person who ordered it.
Me ( just snarling, no actual words coming out): &^$%$#&!!
Manager Nerd: Here you go, it’s all yours.
Me (smiling, yet still snarling a little as I hadn’t gotten over the shock): Thank you, manager nerd.

I wish I could say I was already on flu medication when this happened. Sorry, nerds!

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